4 Fun Ways to Deck Out a Car for the Holidays

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4 Fun Ways to Deck Out a Car for the Holidays

15 December 2016
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One fun way to celebrate the holidays is to decorate your vehicle with the same enthusiasm that some people decorate their homes. After picking out the perfect car from a used car dealership, you can decorate the vehicle before giving it as a present or just to celebrate being the recipient of the car. Try these four ideas to make your car merrier this holiday season.

Decorate a Mobile Christmas Tree

Put a small Christmas tree on your dashboard. Some vehicles, such as modern Volkswagen vehicles, have a small vase already installed on the dashboard. If not, you can easily add one yourself. Place a small Christmas tree into the vase and decorate it with simple touches like garland and battery-powered lights. If you want to add ornaments, make sure that are secured with string or other item that will hold the ornaments in place even when you may have to stop suddenly or encounter other obstacles on the road.

Accentuate the License Plate with Multicolored Lights

Adding a simple strange of lights designed for your license plate is a simple and easy way to make your car instantly more festive. It is subtle for those who fear going over-the-top in their decorations, yet it is fun and festive enough for people to acknowledge the creativity and effort. You may even choose to have the lights surrounding other parts of the bumper as well.

Hang an Ornament from the Rear-view Mirror

Hang a favorite ornament from the rear-view mirror to remind you of the holidays every time you step into your car. This can be an ornament that you have always loved or a new one that represents what you want the holidays to be like this year. Choose any ornament that makes you happy for this decorative option. An ornament that lights up can be a fun choice for driving at night.

Add a Festive Bumper Sticker

A customized bumper sticker can be easily obtained for an affordable price, and it can set the scene for your celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, or other occasion. Have a holiday-themed bumper sticker made that says exactly what you wish strangers would remember this holiday season. It can be something as simple as a wish for "peace on earth" or a more complicated concept such as images of all the major religions side by side.

Finally, keep in mind that a salesman at your used car dealership can help you find the perfect car to give as the perfect holiday gift. By decorating it to the max, you can inspire smiles and warm feelings among perfect strangers that see your vehicle.