Preserving A Vintage Motorcycle

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Preserving A Vintage Motorcycle

5 January 2019
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Whether you've been cleaning out a relative's garage and found an old Harley or purposefully bought an older motorcycle from a second-hand seller, preserving it is key. Motorcycles that are in decent shape can stay on the road and continue providing hours of fun, but only if they're maintained well. How should vintage motorcycles be preserved?

Getting Manual

A vintage bike is likely not sitting around with its manual, but this document is wise to seek out. If you've got a vintage Harley, for instance, a local Harley Davidson dealer should be able to provide you with documentation for the bike you've got. The manual lays out how to ride and maintain the vehicle, with specific directives about fuel, oil and other details which should enhance the bike's performance. 

Checking Spark Plugs

Spark plugs in older bikes need to be examined before you take the motorcycle on long treks. They should always be orange-colored; other colors mean that the plugs should be taken out and new ones installed. White plugs indicate heat has been excessive; it's possible that overheating has occurred in the engine. Black plugs could indicate issues with the fuel/air mixtures.

Replacing Tires

The vintage bike you've got could probably stand to get new tires. Newer tires can fit nicely and are typically capable of enduring more road wear. You should be checking existing tires for cracking and similar damage, but replacing the tires altogether will automatically should automatically make the bike easier to handle and safer. The dealer can assist you with correct tire choices.

Keep Chain Clean

You might have already looked at the chain for damage, but don't forget about it later. Ensure you're properly lubricating it and cleaning it after every journey so that it remains intact and useful.

Cover It

If the previous owner kept the bike out and exposed to weather, you're likely to see leather that has long faded and related signs of wear. To protect it when you own it, get a vinyl cover and use it. The cover will block rain and sun rays. Ensure your cover has air slits or other means of ventilation so that you aren't trapping moisture which could affect metal and leather.

Your vintage motorbike can be a source of real pride if you take care of the vehicle. Work with a dealer, such as at Worth Harley Davidson North, to get the best bike for your needs.