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Not every car manufactured today is built with infant car seats in mind. If you are looking for a new car that will have enough space to use an infant car seat properly, there are some cars that you should avoid and some that you should give serious consideration. I created this blog because I have actually had to sell my car so that I could fit my two kids' car seats in the way they were meant to be installed. It is my hope that other parents can benefit from the information that I have provided here and will be able to find a suitable car for a growing family with fewer issues than I had.


5 Reasons To Use A Local Auto Body Shop

27 July 2022
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You can find different nationwide and local auto body shops to service your vehicle whenever you need auto repairs. Whereas some more prominent brands are recognizable, you gain many benefits from a local shop. Besides, you strengthen your security when patronizing a local auto body shop. Discover five reasons to seek services from a local auto body dealer. To Get Exceptional Service A local shop relies on customer satisfaction to remain in business and attract new customers. Read More …

Is a Truck Right for You?

11 May 2022
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Is it time for you to get a new vehicle? Are you trying to decide whether that new vehicle should be a car or a truck? If you are still at the point of going back and forth with trying to decide if a truck may be the right decision, you should read this article in its entirety.  This article is going to give you some information to help you decide if you should be buying a truck. Read More …

Choosing Between A Street Bob And Another Motorcycle Type

7 March 2022
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A Street Bob is a pared-back motorcycle type that contains classic features. If you have ridden on the back of a softtail motorcycle, you may want to research several bike styles that feature a rear shock suspension and custom or standard aesthetical and functional features. The Allure Behind The Street Bob If classic motorcycles are your style and you are looking for a bike style that accelerates quickly and reduces vibrations, a Street Bob may be the ride that you are seeking. Read More …

4 Reasons A Used Car Is Better Than New

10 December 2021
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The very first choice you should make when buying a car is whether you will be buying a new one or a used one. If you are open to purchasing a used car, then you should know that there are a lot of good reasons for going this route. Here are 4 good things about buying used: 1: You will save a large sum of money each month – When you are trying to buy a car that can fit nicely into your monthly budget, you should weigh the cost of a new car against the cost of a used car. Read More …

Selling A Vehicle To An Auto Dealership

6 October 2021
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Placing a vehicle up for sale can be a complicated process as you must have a general idea of what the vehicle is worth. For instance, if you put a high sales price on your vehicle, you might not be able to find any interested buyers. Rather than dealing with the hassle of trying to find a buyer, it is wise to contact a company that is in the business of buying used vehicles. Read More …