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Not every car manufactured today is built with infant car seats in mind. If you are looking for a new car that will have enough space to use an infant car seat properly, there are some cars that you should avoid and some that you should give serious consideration. I created this blog because I have actually had to sell my car so that I could fit my two kids' car seats in the way they were meant to be installed. It is my hope that other parents can benefit from the information that I have provided here and will be able to find a suitable car for a growing family with fewer issues than I had.


3 Tips That Will Help You Get A Great Deal On A Car Loan

4 July 2016
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If you want to purchase a new vehicle this summer, make sure that you brush up on your negotiating skills. Here are three tips that will help you get a great deal on your car loan. #1 Know Your Credit Report The first thing you need to do is know what your credit report says. You will have more power if you know what your credit reports says. When you go in to get financing for your new vehicle, and you know that you have a strong score, you will feel more confident negotiating for a better car loan. Read More …

The Complete Checklist For Used Car Buyers: What You Need To Take To The Dealership

17 May 2016
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When purchasing a used car from a dealership rather than a private owner, there are a few things you need to know. Most importantly, you'll want to follow a checklist of items that you'll want to bring with you when looking for the perfect vehicle that will meet your needs.  Notebook and Writing Instrument Should you come across a car that has everything you're looking for, you'll need a notebook and writing instrument to recorded the vehicle's information. Read More …

Exposing Common Auto Buying Misconceptions

16 March 2016
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Making the choice to buy a car can be a major decision for you to make. Due to the size of this purchase, it can be easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed by what to expect when shopping for a new car. This stress and confusion can be worsened by believing a couple of routine misconceptions about buying a car. Clearing the following two notions will help you to be a better-prepared consumer when shopping for your next car. Read More …

Want An Eco-Friendly Car? Why Now Is The Time To Buy & How To Find A Quality Used Car Online

18 January 2016
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If you have always wanted a hybrid or electric vehicle, then now is the perfect time to purchase one. You can also use today's technology to find a great deal on a quality pre-owned vehicle, but you have to know how to use this technology to your advantage. Here is a guide to why it is a good time to purchase an eco-friendly vehicle and how to use technology to choose the best one for you with little time and effort. Read More …

Three Limitations of a Vehicle History Report

23 September 2015
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As a potential car buyer, you probably know that a vehicle history report (VHR) contains vital information about a used car. You use it to know who has owned the vehicle, how it was maintained, the damages it has sustained, and many other things. This is why it's advisable to check a used car's VHR before purchase. However, you shouldn't rely on the report alone because it has its shortcomings. Here are four limitations of the report: Read More …